Our Caregivers

Why Premier Homecare Services North York?

There is a wide array of options for home care services in North York, so how does one determine which organization is best for them? Premier Homecare Services North York is the only decision you need to make; we'll take care of the rest for you.

Premier Homecare Services North York is not part of any publicly funded health authority. This means we are fully dedicated to providing the home care you need without outside limitations and restrictions. We also work in cooperation, not competition, with outside organizations to ensure all our clients' needs are met. For example, this can include "top-up" care for clients who receive publically-funded health care but require further services to help maintain their lifestyle. This is just one example of the flexibility of our services. Our goal is to work with all health care and service providers to maintain the independence of life and create a greater service

The Perfect Pairing

When searching for the right home care services, the caregivers themselves are the most important factor. As clients will be spending significant amounts of time with their caregivers, it is paramount to ensure they are comfortable with the person assisting them. Premier Homecare Services North York employs and trains only dedicated and compassionate caregivers to provide our home care services. This ensures the client's everyday life remains pleasant and relaxed.

At Premier Homecare Services North York, matching clients with the right caregivers is a top priority. The final choice is always up to the client. If a client ever feels the match is not right for them, Premier Homecare Services North York will provide a better-suited caregiver. You can maintain peace of mind knowing loved ones are always with caregivers who actually care.

Get to know more about the caregivers employed at Premier Homecare Services North York by calling us and setting up a meeting. We love to introduce and acquaint interested parties with the type of caregivers who work with us. Maintaining independence is always important and being comfortable with those around you can play a big part