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Palliative Care

Elderly Care In North York

The staff at Premier Homecare Services North York understands when more serious home care is needed for certain patients. Generally, palliative care is the approach that improves the quality of life of clients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention or relief of pain suffered. This is also called "end-of-life care" and we understand this can encompass a wide range of services. Specialized cases such as these are handled under our "palliative care" umbrella, which can include many unique services. This can include services both at home and in a medical facility. However, as we are a home care services company, we would love the opportunity to provide the palliative care needed in the comfort of the client's own home instead of a hospital.

For example, if a client is bedridden or palliative, our caregivers can provide assistance to help prepare meals and assist the client with eating. Palliative care ensures that the needs of the client are met thus alleviating stress from the family.

In some cases, families are not able to be with their loved ones as much as they would like or need to be because of other responsibilities. Palliative care can help bring relief to such situations, offering caregivers who provide companionship to clients until a family member can return. Premier Homecare Services North York provides unique help when you need it most, so your loved ones will never feel alone.

The staff at Premier Homecare Services North York always demonstrates compassion, empathy and dedication when assisting clients and families with their needs. This approach makes palliative care one of the many unique services that we provide.