About Us


The team at Premier Homecare Services North York is deeply committed to providing quality home care services. Premier Homecare Services is proudly Canadian-owned and operated with a strong commitment to the communities where we work and live. We maintainconsistency with our clients by having the same caregivers work with the same clients as much as possible. This way, the strongest and most trusting relationship between the caregivers and the clients can build and flourish.

  • What makes your caregivers different?

    All caregivers at Premier Homecare Services North York are bonded and insured as our employees. We have a thorough screening program which includes employment history and criminal checks, vulnerable sector screening, and driving background checks. We seek to only recruit qualified caregivers who have graduated from a recognized personal health care program with current CPR and first aid certifications. For more casual companion caregiving, we seek caregivers with an excellent personal response history from their own circumstances. Every new employee at Premier Homecare Services North York attends our comprehensive orientation and is provided with ongoing training provided to cover a wide variety of relevant topics. This way, we know exactly who we are working with, and so will you.
  • Am I locked into a contract with Premier at any time?

    No. As always with us, the choice is with you. Our clients are not bound to a contract, and services can be cancelled or changed at any time with reasonable advance notice (usually two weeks). Our service agreements outline all particulars clients will need to know for their home care services. Check with your local agency for details.
  • Is there any minimum booking time?

    The minimum amount of time our caregivers offer for most home care services is approximately three hours. However, under special circumstances we can accommodate unique service options. If necessary, we can provide caregivers for a shortened or extended period of time assisting with your recovery at home. By working closely with clients to determine ideal booking times, we ensure you a quality visit every time.
  • What other type of care do you provide?

    Respite care can be provided to temporarily relieve primary caregivers (usually a spouse or child) of their role. This can be provided on a regular basis to allow primary caregivers more personal time, or to fill in for a caregiver on vacation. It is important for family caregivers to get a break as well, and our respite care program allows them this freedom.

    Our non-medical home care services can make the final transitions of life at home easier. Our caregivers have the sensitivity, compassion and experience to handle end-of-life situations.

More Information

We have a detailed information package we can send to both potential clients and health professionals. Please contact us to request this package or simply complete the information request form on our website.